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Top Three Panasonic Rice Cookers Bought on a Budget

Sometimes the market place can be filled with products that have so many ‘bells and whistles’, the most confident of gadget geeks could get confused.

When you require a more basic appliance, it can be hard to ignore the draw of the higher specified models. I am going to list my top three entry level Panasonic models, that I consider to be good value for money, reliable and well designed.

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Panasonic SR-42 HZP 23 Cup Rice Cooker 

I thought that I would include a large rice cooker in this list. Measuring 14-15/16 inches X 16 5/8 inches X 11-9/16 inches, it is capable of producing 23 cups of uncooked rice (46 cups cooked) in just half an hour! That is amazingly quick for an entry level product.

The Panasonic rice cooker has a two hour ‘keep warm’ function that will automatically turn off to prevent any accidents.

The stainless steel lid adds to the style of this value rice cooker. It also has an easy clean aluminium pan liner.

Being made by Panasonic you are purchasing a reliable brand with a one-year warranty.

When you check the price of other models with the same capacity, this machine is very competitively priced. If you require a rice cooker that can produce a large amount of rice very quickly, this is the cooker to go for.

Panasonic SR-G18FG Automatic 10 Cup Rice Cooker 

Panasonic are a well-known brand, and with this model they have managed to produce an entry level product which exceeds expectation.

It is light, weighing only 4.4lbs. You will be able to store this rice cooker easily because it only measures 12-13/16 inches X 10-1/2 inches X 10-1/16 Inches.

Finished in silver with a glass lid, it looks the part too! The whole styling and finish is more than you would expect from a basic model. The cooking pan is non-stick and cleans without any problems.

This rice cooker has a simple one touch activation switch making it very user friendly.

A 4 hour ‘keep warm’ function that automatically starts once the cooking is complete and makes sure the rice stays hot. An automatic shut off function is applied after the 4-hour period for added safety.

Cooking 10 cups of uncooked rice, it can provide enough rice for plenty of people. If you are in the market for a well sized, value for money model, look no further.

Panasonic SR-3NZ 1.5 Cup Rice Cooker 

This would be an ideal choice for a couple or someone looking for a single portion of rice. It can provide 1.5 cups of uncooked rice, or 3 cups of cooked rice, at the touch of one simple button.

It is finished in silver with a see through glass lid, which adds some style. It would be perfect for a small kitchen because it is only 8-1/4 inches X 6 inches X 6 inches and weighs a mere 2.2lbs.

This rice cooker has a non-stick, easy clean cooking pan, which is a huge benefit for anyone looking for a user friendly appliance.

Simplicity is the key to this product. It is very well priced and does its job very well. It is the perfect choice for someone looking for small portions.


The three rice cookers you have just read about are all extremely well priced when standing against comparative models on the market. Also, you are buying a well-known brand.

All three models come with the standard Panasonic one-year warranty. If you need a rice cooker that does the job required, one of the above three machines would be perfect. All that is left to decide is how much rice you want to cook!