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The Constraints that Can Stop Your Project Cold

Time constraints and resource constraints are very different obstacles that pose the same problem to progress in any project. The first obviously concerns the amount of time that a project requires for completion. The limitations come when certain tasks are not completed in time for the project to be finished by its projected end date or time. Sometimes a project is delayed for any number of reasons and that can also be considered a time constraint problem. The second refers to the amount of available resources that are accessible for the project. This can be anything from a lack of personnel, equipment, raw materials, to any other necessary component that is required in order for the project to be finished. These can both prove to be very difficult stumbling blocks to getting your project completed, and neither one is very desirable to have to deal with in any fashion.

One such issue can be the use of older, outdated tools. Every project relies on the dependability of the equipment at the job-site and it’s important to make sure all of the essential drills, hammers and related machinery and other furnishings are up to date and working properly. This posed a significant constraint to a building project in Cincinnati late last year, but Drills and Drivers came to the rescue. This review site features all of the latest tool technology on the market and proved a valuable resource to project managers who were burdened with equipment that was breaking down and threatening productivity.

There are ways to avoid the pitfalls that can come with these types of constraints. When time is an issue, the best way to solve it is through extra manpower. More hands on deck will keep the project on schedule and ensure it is completed by deadline. Whether using people within the organization or hiring additional outside help, there are ways to get more personnel working. Scheduling overtime hours can also be beneficial. However, taking employees from other projects could cause those to run behind and overtime hours can get costly for any business.

Resource constraints are somewhat easier to navigate as managers should only delegate the necessary materials and components as needed to a specific project and focus those resources on those tasks that are vital to the completion of the job at hand. This way, resources won’t run out and management can keep a running tally of what’s been used and what needs to be ordered.