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Finding a Side Hobby through Home Economics

Our town was very small and the local high school still had a Home Economics when I attended. Home Economics was one of my favorite courses throughout my school life, because I was able to cook and learn neat tricks for the kitchen. Everyone has to eat, so learning to cook is valuable, especially since there are several parents that forget to teach their children that essential.

The teacher that taught Home Economics was very sweet, in fact, she often was mistreated and walked over by other students. Most of the students who signed up for this course wanted an easy A on their report card, but what they failed to realize is in every course, whether it is an elective or a required course, you must learn some of the material, if not all, in order to pass it.

The Home Economics Contest

There are projects that count for majority of your grade in many courses, but for the Home Economics course that we took, it was a cook-off contest. There were three categories, dessert, main course, and appetizers. We could choose which course to enter our meal or treat into, or we could enter all three, but it had to be cooked at school. You were only allowed to bring in ingredients that were allowed such as cinnamon, but everything that you wanted to bring in had to be approved first with the teacher.

I enjoyed the idea of the contest so much I decided to enter into all three of the contests. I was ready when the day came to start the contest. In fact I was so excited I yelled, “Let’s put the pressure on,” when the word was given to begin. For desert there was an ice cream dish with two scoops, one vanilla and one chocolate. It had a stick of cinnamon and a small piece of Hershey bar sticking out for decoration. The appetizer was similar as it was circle fries with a dash of cinnamon mixed with a few other ingredients and a special mixture for the dipping sauce.
It was really close to winter time, I thought the theme of hot cocoa and the cinnamon based meal would be a sensation. However, I lost two out of the three contests. A roast shaved into a sub with mixtures of peppers and spices won the appetizer contest, as it was cut into little bit sized pieces. The dessert that won was a piece of cake that had sugar sprinkled over it with a few other things to make it look pretty. The only part of the contest that I won was my basil pork chops with teriyaki noodles and parsley. The taste appealed to the judges, who apparently did not like cinnamon.

What I learned From Home Economics

I enjoyed cooking so much that I started helping my mother prepare meals at home, not because I was made to but because I wanted to see their satisfaction when they bit into one of my meals. Of course high school is long gone, and I am now a mother with three small children, of which all love to eat. Their love for eating is parallel to my love for cooking. Many nights I cook a three to four course meal but some nights I feel as if spaghetti is adequate. There are some nights where I don’t feel like cooking and my husband will take over for me. These are very few and far in between nights.

One of the most important things that I learned from that single course in high school was that no matter what you did, it was either going to be a great meal or one that you would have to stomach down. I try not to make my children eat meals that are not nutritional or tasty. If I ever mess up a meal, there is always a backup. I tend to mess up at least one meal a month because I am trying something new that I didn’t find in a recipe book, but rather something I thought up. It is normally a big hit with my husband and my oldest, but my youngest and middle are very picky about what they like to eat.