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How to put on a great outdoor party

There are lots of reasons to have a party outdoors, whether you live in a hot, sunny climate as I do, or perhaps a gloomy, overcast and wet climate, or even an icy, bleak and forlorn one, it really doesn’t matter – there are plenty of ways to make an outdoor party fun, whatever the weather may be!

The first thing to do is to consider where you want to have it. You may just want to go with the safe option of having it in your back yard. This gives you access to your kitchen for refreshments and food, toilets and a ready power supply. If your yard isn’t large enough, you can get the same kind of benefits by hiring land to use from a school or other public building. Even some farmland is close to buildings with facilities.

If you’re going to be out in the woods, up a mountain or just miles from anywhere (or all three), you should consider taking a portable generator with you. This will enable you to provide power for anything you might want to use such as a music system, mobile phone chargers and so on. If you don’t already have one, browse through the info at to see which one best suits your needs.

Now, you need to draw up a list of people who you want to come to the party. As a rule, outdoor parties work better with more people than indoor parties, so invite as many people as you know (even if they are not really your type of person), and get everyone you invite to invite everyone they know, too. Having more people there means that responsibilities can be shared and even divided up by time. It’s not much fun putting on a party if you just have endless jobs to do before, during and after it.

There’s an endless list of things you could do, so try to choose a unique idea. You could make it a pool party, a beach party, a hiking party, a paintball party, perhaps a theme party – The Lord of the Rings, Zombies or the Blair Witch Project might go down well. You might want to hire a band. You’ll definitely need food so either hire a catering company that can do outdoor events or get everyone to chip in by bringing their own food. If it’s hot outside you will need chillers and freezers to keep things like ice cream, soda, beer and champagne cool. If you’re planning to cook burgers and whatnot, you could either light a huge bonfire or bring a couple of grills with you.

If possible designate certain people to keep the area clean. Encourage the party-goers to clean up after themselves where possible to reduce this kind of work. As a rule, if people are going to become intoxicated, they are going to start producing a mess. Don’t leave the great outdoors full of empty cans, plastic bottles, plastic bags, wrappers, cigarette butts, cigarette cartons etc. Make sure you clean up properly after yourselves – we don’t want to live in a giant waste pit after all! Be especially aware of balloons which might drift off and get caught in trees or fall into water. If you are going to be around water, have safety equipment and lifejackets available, plus a number of people who are trained lifeguards and can administer CPR. A drowning is always a sure-fire way to kill the vibe at any party. If your group is planning to become intoxicated, it’s best to stay away from water altogether. Perhaps you could try to enjoy our great outdoors when you’re sober for once?

Once you have fixed a date, email, SMS and message everyone who’s coming. If it’s still an open-door party, you can advertise it on social media, although this may attract the attention of some uncouth types. If you are concerned about security, you can hire some big guys to walk around looking intimidating. Don’t forget to get public liability insurance too, unless the land is already covered.

If you want your party to be remembered, why not hire a local film crew to come and create a documentary style program about it? They could have interviews with you, some of the guests and show the main highlights of the party. This would be a big pull for getting sponsorship to offset your costs, too. If everyone in the program is drinking whiskey and Pepsi (because you got a deal with Pepsi) then that’s obviously a kind a product placement. You can sell the video online to the party-goers after, perhaps pretend that it’s discounted by 50% for the first month to get the dollars rolling in. After that you could sell it to a local cable network just to squeeze the last few drops worth out of it.

Anyway, that pretty much covers everything. I hope you have an awesome party and don’t forget to send me an invite!