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My Turn to Host

I am lucky enough to have a nice home, a pretty garden, a loving family and a good reliable group of friends. My husband is terrible with household chores, but keeps the garden neat and tidy and anytime we have a BBQ, he is the cook. This is the only time he will cook anything. It makes me laugh that in the kitchen he claims he knows nothing, but when it comes to cooking outdoors, he is apparently an expert. How that works is beyond me, but I placate him and things seem to work quite well around the house.

Our kids are teenagers and earn pocket money by taking on some of the tasks around the house, so all things considered, we are a pretty functional family. Do not get me wrong, we are most definitely not the Walton’s, we have our fair share of teenage tantrums and arguments, but things usually work out quite well.

Our group of friends are a mixed bunch, pretty much like most I would guess. We have a mix of characters, loud ones, quiet ones and extremely lively ones. We all try to get together regularly, but with most of us having growing families, money can be tight. We usually try to take it turn to host parties. By doing that the costs are fairly split between the group.

Winter Time

When it comes to hosting parties in the colder months, you would imagine that they would be held in a warm and cosy house. One of our friends always seems to host the December get together, and each year, they hold the party outside. This is mainly because their house couldn’t hold 12 people without it being a little cramped. All of us try not to moan to them, but it really is far too cold to host a party outdoors. Year after year, the partyis held outside.
It was October and the same friend was due to hold the next party, again they wanted to do it outside. The whole group agreed that it is far too cold to be standing outside and we asked our friend if they could make some arrangements, they were not offended and explained that they would sort something out.
The day of the party came and our friend had bought a patio heater. They said they had found it with the help of a website,, and said it was very affordable. The party was a complete success and no one complained of the cold during the entire evening.

Our Turn

With Christmas and new year, things can get a little tight, and while it was our turn to host. We explained that we would not be able to afford to host the party until march. I thought that this would give me plenty of time to arrange things, but as you would expect, march came around very quickly indeed.

The party was due to be held in two week’s time, and I had arranged nothing. I decided that the best option would be to host an outdoor party like our last one. The best thing about this would be that my husband could do all of the cooking on the BBQ. We hired a bouncy castle so the kids had something to play on, bought a silly amount of drink and asked everyone to bring something for the BBQ.

The party was brilliant, and no one guessed that hadn’t pre planned things months beforehand. At least our turn was out of the way!

After the party I plucked up the courage to talk to my husband about his cooking skills, and said that he should try them out in the kitchen. He thought I was crazy but agreed. The meal he prepared was mainly made up of different, badly cooked meat products, and if I am honest, I think he made a bad job of it deliberately so he wouldn’t have to do it again. I am not sure if I am right or wrong about that, but I’m not prepared to go through it all again. Things work quite well the way they are, so why bother trying to fix something that isn’t broken!