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Tips for Planning a Special Event Dinner

As a mother of three, I was constantly creating some type of dinner for a special event such as birthday, grade graduation, or holiday event dinner. Many of these events were a yearly thing and some of them were in the same month. My youngest two children share the same month for their birthdays, and my oldest has a birthday that is near the first day of school. This made it even more challenging for me to plan, until I started to use a strategy. Here are a few tips I continuously use to help me make the most of every event dinner.

Plan It

Planning ahead is always ideal, especially if you are planning on sending out invitations to the dinner. Word of mouth works wonders, but not as well as a mailed invitation. It can even be an emailed invitation. If you know the exact date that the event will take place, such as the following Saturday after a birthday, then you can plan several months ahead and have a spectacular outcome. The more meaningful the event planning, the more memories that will be made within the event.

Create the Guest List and Budget

Whether you are planning to pay for all of the event or you are being helped out by friends and family, it is best to set a budget so that you know exactly what to purchase within that budget. This budget should be fairly decent, nothing extraordinary unless you have the means to make that happen. If more funds are needed, reach out to the guests and see if they would like to bring a dish to cut down on the food prices or if they would like to help chip in on renting a venue, if you cannot come up with one for free such as a large backyard.

The guest list should include everyone who will be attending the event. Sometimes you may have to add in a few extras as some people will bring extra guests, children, or new dates. To get an accurate count of the amount of guests that will be attending, you could send out RSVPs, or invitations with RSVP options. This should help with determining the numbers you will be accommodating.

Choose an Ideal Location

Location matters as well, when it comes to planning a special event or a dinner to celebrate a special occasion. For dinner parties and other dinner events, you will need a venue or somewhere large enough to serve food to your guests. The location may depend on the amount of guests that you have as there may not be enough room in a small home, but outdoors during the summertime is a perfect venue for a gathering. It can also depend on the amount of money that you have to work with in the budget. If you wish to have pictures taken at the event, choose somewhere that the scenery fits in perfectly with what you are creating.

The Event Menu

Planning a family gathering or an event where you are serving food can be a challenge, especially if your guest numbers are going to be very high. You may have to cook extra servings of certain dishes or order them in large lots to be certain there is enough for everyone. If the menu consists of items that the guest members will be bringing, then you may be able to take it easy on the amount of food that you contribute.

When preparing your event, be sure that you’re doing so in enough time so that there is no hurry in trying to get everything together at the last minute. There is several other tips that can help such as creating a theme to go along with the event. This can help bring it together and narrow down the idea meaning that things will be easier to purchase instead of a guessing game. If the event requires the guests to bring presents, be sure to design a location specifically for the presents. When it comes to having something special, the thought is what really counts. If you are planning this event for a birthday or long-term anniversary, chances are it will be very much appreciated.