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The Raging Debate For and Against Bike Speakers. Are They REALLY That Bad?

To mount speakers or not to mount speakers? That is the question…

Oh dear, here we go with another trigger warning. Just the mere thought of mounting speakers on a bicycle regardless of its power will be enough to trigger some people to a righteous anger and a derisive scorn reserved for smokers. It’s one of those things that have no middle ground separating the good and the bad in between; you either enjoy and appreciate, or absolutely abhor and hate. There are two sides to every story; we’ll try to delve into both before we can make a verdict ourselves.

See, to those who enjoy playing their favorite music while they bike or zip through busy streets or mountain trails, it’s just something that enhances the experience, in the same way you would play music that’s fitting of, say, driving at night in a convertible with the top down. Nothing wrong with that, right?

But then on the other hand, people who grew up with a deep sense of personal space will find it an affront to theirs. We all know it too well: there’s always that one smug ass who blasts his speakers on his car outwards for the entire world to hear in heavy traffic, and thus making the space around him HIS own personal space…much to the chagrin of motorists who are exposed to it.

It’s like farting in public, and expecting the whole world to like its smell. But then is it really, or are we just overreacting a tad too much? Well, let’s try to understand and bridge the fences between these two sides to paint a better picture for all of us neutrals in this war.

Why SHOULD You Need a Speaker Anyway?

The primary reason why bikers think of mounting Bluetooth speakers to their bicycles is pretty much the same reason why anyone would mount speakers to his car. Because it provides another way to enjoy the ride. Furthermore, it’s just not a good idea to wear headphones while you bike; it is, after all, still machinery that you have to operate with. We already knew that. Plus, blasting music on your headphones while cycling in heavy traffic, or down a treacherous mountain trail, doesn’t seem like a good idea under any circumstances, thus it does seem better to have them mounted elsewhere.

If you absolutely MUST need to hear your favorite music on your commute or on your next ride, then mounting a speaker doesn’t seem such a bad idea.

Why You Should Leave that Pair of Bad Idea Jeans in the Closet

The reason for this is quite simple. You shouldn’t, because not many people will take very kindly to the idea of having electronic dance music at 140 beats per minute blaring down the bike lanes of an already noisy metropolis. In a cagy city with cagy people, like ants marching to their respective anthills, like New York City, you’re inevitably going to step on a few…no, many toes doing that. You may just come across to people as being just a tad narcissistic in that expecting that everybody will like your music. But hey, it’s not like you’ll go to jail for playing music.

A Reasonable Settlement

There will be no pleasing everybody in this kind of debate; it all boils down to consideration and proper decorum. Avoid blasting your Bluetooth speakers whenever you feel that it isn’t a good time to do so, such as when you drive through places of worship, banks, law offices, or anywhere that you may come across people who may not like your jams. On the other hand, there isn’t really anything wrong with what you’re doing – so long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else. Just play your music at a reasonable level and at the right time, and be on your merry way. And if it’s all open road for you, play it to your heart’s desire.

Now that you’ve discovered some practical facts about this whole matter, you can look at the wide range of sound systems that may work for you on your next ride.
Or not, of course, if you’re on the other end of the discussion.