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Here’s a Great Tool for Your Health

When it comes to exercising, there’s been a rising trend of people making it a priority in their lives, which is great news. More than ever, people are taking control of their health. There’s been a shift in priorities, of emphasizing prevention over the quick fix. For every person that has jumped on board the health train, there’s another person still on the fence.

For this particular person, taking care of their health by exercising or eating nutritious foods, it just seems like too much work. That’s completely understandable. Who wants to put in more work, on top of the eight or more hours you’ve already done?

This is why it’s important to get away from viewing exercising only in that capacity. There has to be a way to make it enjoyable, something that you do just because you want to. Here’s another way to look at it: exercising has to be worth the effort.

If that person can start moving away from that sort of thinking, then it only takes a few more nudges to get him or her open to the idea of exercising.

Before we extoll the merits of exercising, it should be noted that for the purpose of this article exercising at the gym is not what we’re talking about. Think of recreational type activities, such as cycling.

Whether mountain biking, speed cycling, or just cruising around the neighborhood, cycling is an excellent form of exercise. The more adventurous folks will enjoy the trails and speed with the first two, but what about the average person who doesn’t want the adrenaline rush? Or perhaps he or she is a beginner or recovering from an injury? All of that is easy to figure out: get the bike that works best for you.

Also, if space is an issue there are folding bikes now. Isn’t technology wonderful? Wait a minute, you say. What are folding bikes? How does one go about choosing the right one? Glad you asked.

First of all, folding bikes are bicycles in which the frame bends a long a certain spot, allowing the bike to fold into a compact size. Rather than utilizing a hook in the back of your car or attaching it to the top, the bike can easily fit into the trunk.

This type of bike is also useful for bus riders and commuters alike. Before, bikes had to be stashed in the front of the bus or some other designated spot. The bus rider had to trust that his or her bike would be safe once it was out of sight. Unfortunately, plenty of people have been the victims of theft or vandalism when it comes to their bike. But if the person had a folding bike, he or she could actually bring the bike on the bus and leave it nearby.

And what about the commuter? How does a folding bike help him or her? Plenty of folding bikes are light enough for most people to carry if necessary. This means the bike doesn’t need to be parked outside of the work place—it can come with you into the building (unless your employer forbids that, which means you’ll need to invest in some sturdy locks.)

A folding bike also benefits those living in small spaces or in buildings with stairs. No longer is lack of space an issue. Plus, since the bike is compact it can be hidden away from view. No longer is it an eyesore.

So we’ve addressed the benefits. Here’s the final question that needs to be answered: which one is right for you? Fortunately, there are plenty of resources to answer that question. One site in particular,, has done all the research. Rather than searching multiple sites, that particular one has reviews of all the different types, highlighting the pros and cons in an easy to understand manner.

These folding bikes will definitely make exercising more enjoyable. Don’t be surprised if coworkers, friends, and family members express interest in your bike. Starting a company peloton would be a great way to increase health awareness in the workplace as well as build community in a fun and relaxed way.

And if you prefer the solo route, nothing beats riding past fields of greenery as you unwind from the stresses of the day.