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How Cycling Saves You, Your Money and the World

There are no limits to the reasons as to why cycling is an excellent choice as a mode of transport. It’s proven to be of great benefit to physical and mental health, it aids the environment since it is a green form of transport and it eases congestion on public roads. Stick to it and you’ll find yourself cycling for the hell of it – it’s a great activity that is ensnaring a growing number of enthusiasts. That said, if you are planning to take cycling up either as a hobby or as a mode of transportation, it behoves you to purchase a cycle that will do the job and not be subject to the flaws of quality that lower-quality models invariably possess.

Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to break into a bank, as there are many choices that cater to a wide range of wallets. There are some sites that excel as hubs for reference, so you can do some research and know what you are getting yourself into. As with all things good, there are considerations to make, so it’s good to do your homework before you get a new bicycle.

1. You’ll Make Up Your Expenses Soon After You Get One

Think about the money you spend on commuting from your place to work and around the neighborhood. On a day to day basis, it isn’t much, but over time, it’s a significant amount that could be better saved and used for something else…like buying a bicycle, which brings down your travel costs to zilch. The initial investment will set you back a bit but that cost is covered for quickly by the savings you make. There are no maintenance costs like you do have with cars. Barring any damage, It’s just the bike, nothing more.

2. Do Your Bit for the Environment

Now more than ever, the battle against climate change and global warming matters. Purchasing a car only contributes to carbon emissions, and until there is widespread use of clean energy, we’ve each got to do our part in taking care of the collective home that is our planet Earth.

3. Face It, You Need the Exercise

Whether you’re in need of losing a few pounds or you’re skinny but need a little beefing up, cycling answers all your exercising needs. Minute for minute, there isn’t a more intensive activity that more efficiently works out your body and keeps it in shape, apart from swimming perhaps. This applies to even slower, more pedestrian cycling routines.

4. You Might Reach Places Quicker

Traffic jams, finding convoluted paths through roads are common these days and they contribute to a significant chunk of your commute time. With cycling, you can avoid jams, easily find a better and more peaceful route to your destination and avoid all the stresses of modern commuting.

There are so many persuasions that cycling has to offer, but these alone are enough to make the case for it. So pedal away!