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Picking Your First Motorcycle

Deciding to buy your first motorcycle can represent a major step in one’s life that should be done with a reasonable amount of information and care. It can also mark the beginning of some of the best times of your life that involve you hitting the open roads and burning through some miles. Every motorcyclist will have their own preferences and abilities on their bike and you should select one that fits your needs. There are certain factors to think about when getting that first motorcycle so that you experience can be just right for you.

What Are You Using It For?

You should consider the amount of time you plan on riding your bike and your potential use for it when picking a new one out. Your standard motorcycle works well for general use, is moderate in speed and performance and has the rider in an upright position.

Cruisers are fashioned after the classic American style that is preferred by hardcore biker types where your feet are placed forward and your arms are higher up. These bikes require less shifting and allow you to cruise for longer periods of time.

A sports bike focuses on speed and handling and often come from Japanese manufactures that make bikes designed for racing competitions. They often place your hands and feet closer to your body and have a front windshield to protect the rider who is moving a fast speeds. Many younger bikers prefer this style of motorcycle.

Touring motorcycles are often selected by your more mature riders and are designed for long-distance riding and will often feature a large windshield to protect you from the elements on your long trips. This style is also good for those who take another person with them on their trips and may have a larger seating area and storage compartments.

Sites like BikersBasics can give you good ideas on the accessories needed to ride in style. There are many more and variations of motorcycles out there and you should make sure your choice is more about you than anyone else you have seen riding before.

Your Experience Level  

No matter how cool a bike looks to you, if you can’t handle it then you will be putting yourself in a tough spot from the start. If you have never been on a bike before and want to start practicing with your first one, you should definitely consider one that is easy to handle and does not go too fast for you. Standard motorcycles with low to moderate amounts of power are good choices for those who are less experienced. Once you learn the ropes and find out what it takes to be a good rider then you can explore different types of bikes and go for more power.

Spending Limits

Your first motorcycle does not have to be the top-of-the-line showroom darling that everyone wants. Unless your budget is as wide as the great outdoors, you should be smart with your first bike purchase and find something reasonable until you learn more about what kind of motorcyclist you are. A used bike from another private seller can be a great way to find a deal so that you can get your feet wet and gain valuable experience. You will be more aware of you likes, dislikes and abilities after you get your first bike and you can go for higher priced options later on.

Test Some Out

Like other vehicles available for sale, you can find good ways to test-drive a motorcycle before you buy one of your own. A close friend or family that is willing to let you ride their bike can be a really good way to see if you like that particular type of bike. You can attend a session at a training school that will allow you to get a good feel for certain types of bikes and build your skills at the same time. Motorcycle dealerships may also let you test-drive some of their bikes before you make your choice and it is also a good way to get good information from them about making the right choice.

You should enjoy the process of becoming a motorcycle owner and making smart decisions along the way will put you in the best position possible. Before you know it, you will be turning heads on the road and having the time of your life.