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AOC G2460PF Gaming Monitor Review

Not every single person in the world will agree on what the best gaming monitor in the world is. However, most people will have similar ones around the top. This perfectly describes the AOC G2460PF monitor. It’s one that may be called the best of its kind, but (if not) it will be at the top of most lists.

Great Display and Refresh Rate

As one would guess, there are a lot of great factors to this gaming monitor. Without question, it all starts with its crystal clear display and terrific refresh rate. It supports a full HD display, a 1920 x 1080 resolution, on a large 24-inch screen. That’s just the core resolution as what truly makes the images awe-inspiring is the refresh rate. The lower the refresh rate, the more assessable the image is to experience clutter, lag and tearing. With a 144hz rate (which is what the G2460PF has), none of these issues will ever be present. This becomes critical when gaming as everything on the screen can be seen with the utmost clearness.

1ms Response Time

Adding right on to the lighting fast refresh rate is the ultra-quick response time. Response time is just as critical as the refresh rate as low instances can lead to input lag and ghosting. Once again, this isn’t an issue with this monitor as it supports a 1ms response time (which is as good as it gets).

Flicker-Free Technology

Gaming can be a very addicting hobby and at times, it becomes very hard to stop. To provide a healthier viewing for an extended period of time, the G2460PF has Flicker-Free technology. As opposed to other monitors that don’t have this, this uses a direct current backlight system to ensure no eye discomfort.


To be honest, the only way to find negatives to this gaming monitor is to nitpick. For example, the screen size could be bigger, the resolution could be larger, and the bezels could be slimmer. However, do any of these nitpicks effect its overall greatness? Absolutely not.

It’s tough, but this may be the best gaming monitor on the market. Now, as small nitpicks were just made, that doesn’t mean it blows the competition away. As a matter of fact, it’s possible that one is looking for a different model. If so, check out the review that Arm Chair Empire made for the Acer R240Y. Although, it may not be better than this one.