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Bought your first house? Try these smart-tech home improvement tips

Buying a new house and moving from a smaller apartment into a bigger home is an exciting time – a bigger space, more rooms, maybe even a garden. If you’re used to being cooped up in a small flat, you will undoubtedly welcome the change and look forward to your new space. Adjusting to life in a bigger home can take time, as there are all kinds of things likely to be different from what you’re used to. Whether you’re about to renovate your new house or are simply starting to think in terms of the larger space you have, this article will talk you through some things you can do to save money, as well as improve your home and your lifestyle.

Heating and cooling

It costs more to heat and cool a large space, so if you’re not already used to doing so, try and get yourself into the habit of keeping doors to individual rooms shut so that you can heat or cool a smaller space at a time, leaving unused rooms untreated. It does pay to have central heating and / or central air conditioning (as necessary, depending on where you live) if you can afford it, but make sure you get into the habit of switching off unused radiators or air conditioning vents to save money and energy. It’s worth investing in your own energy consumption meter so you can also get into the habit of monitoring usage. You’ll soon see how much money you can save by maintaining your desired temperatures only in rooms you’re actually using. You can also invest in fancier home temperature systems that you can programme to control the ambient temperature in different rooms according to the time you spend in each throughout the day.

Go eco

If you own your own house, why not harness the power of the sun or the wind to generate electricity? Apart from being environmentally friendly, this will also save you heaps of money in the long run. In some parts of the world you can even get tax deductions for installing solar panels and you can even sell electricity back to the electric company if you generate more than you use.

Home networking

If you have a large home or one with several storeys, you may find that your regular wifi router fails to deliver consistent connectivity throughout all of your home. This may well pose a problem if you want to be able to use the Internet in the living room, your bedroom, your home office, etc.

You may want to research and experiment with stronger wifi routers that can transmit further. Make sure you read each potential router’s blurb to see what range it’s supposed to work at.

Alternatively, you can nowadays extend connectivity with wifi boosters and powerline network adapters that extend the reach of your wifi to practically every corner of your home. This may seem a bit complicated if you’re not a networking or computing expert, but rest assured that you don’t need to understand every element in order to be able to install and use such a system. There are plenty of instructions available online to make these simple to use even if you’re completely new to the topic.

Music, please!

Once you have connectivity worked out, you may find that your trusty old sound system may not stretch as far as it used to as well. You may well wish to invest in Bluetooth speakers, media streamers and other entertainment devices you can use to play music anywhere in your house from a single device. This is a great way to save on having to buy multiple audio systems, as well as having to physically move MP3 players and other portable devices between rooms.

Thinking of having a baby?

You may have moved to a larger house so that you can have a room for a new addition to your family. Remember that larger houses require baby monitors with a longer range than a small flat, so plan accordingly when researching and buying one. The old one that worked in your smaller space may struggle to reach across a longer distance.


There are many wonderful improvements you can make to your house that can make your life better. While some may seem expensive to begin with, they can really save you money in the long run and make your life much easier. Our advice is – do what you can whenever you can. After all, you’re going to be there for a while!