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Cheap Recliners for Our Living Rooms or Offices

A recliner has become essential furniture for our modern homes.  Sinking in a comfortable chair after toiling the whole day to make life better is the most relaxing way we can ever have. A comfortable chair allows us to be easy when reading our favorite books or watching our favorite shows as we unwind the stresses from work.  This furniture does not require us to have a big space because they can fit in a small space such as the man cave.  If we want furniture that can complement our modern living rooms, designers have a chic recliner that adds elegance to our space.  Cost should never prevent us from acquiring this essential furniture because the market has reasonably priced recliners below $300.  The recliners are excellent, and we do not need to rob the bank to purchase these products. The list below has some inexpensive recliners that are affordable;

Lucas Modern Recliner Club Chair

The new chair has numerous advantages that a recliner gives us, and it does not resemble a recliner.  It has a padded seat, armrest and backrest and we can seat on the recliner for an extended period.  Its base is made using hardwood to ensure that it is firm, and its upholstery is made using the finest leather for easy cleaning and to ensure it serves us for the longest time.  We can sit on different reclining postures on this chair the decision depends on what we prefer.  The recliner has a feature that allows us to tilt the chair back slightly or more depending on what we want.  This seat comes in different colors that range from orange, grey, beige, camel, brown and black.  Price depends on the color we pick, but the standard price for this recliner ranges between $182.99 and $189.99.


  • The chair’s style compliment all types of living rooms
  • There are numerous colors to choose from
  • It allows us to have multiple sitting positions
  • We can sit in the recliner for as long as we want


  • It is not assembled, and we will require time and expertise to assemble
  • It is not ideal for taller individuals because it is not a high back recliner

Eshion Wall Hugger Microfiber Recliner 

This recliner is perfect for a smaller living space.  We can easily recline the chair when we have placed it near the wall.  The microfiber allows us to clean the recliner quickly and we can comfortably watch movies or TV shows as we relax.  For comfortable reclining, we only lift the chair’s lever and lean backwards and enjoy a relaxing experience. The chair has a high back which allows it recline and look like its flat.  The major colors that we can get in furniture stores are light brown, beige and chocolate.  The best places to put the chair in our homes are the neutral living room and the basement family room.   The price for the seat is not exorbitant as it ranges between $192.95 and $195.


  • It can be installed near a wall and still recline
  • The microfiber material ensures that we can clean it quickly
  • There is a broad range of colors that we can buy
  • It is comfortable and plush


  • We will require time to assemble the recliner
  • Its width is usually small
  • Some people find closing the chair very carefully

Elizabeth Tufted Recliner Fabric Arm Chair Recliner

This recliner is the best for living rooms that have a modern feel.  It helps us to manage stuffiness in our space and live comfortably.  It is customized using tufted fabric to add elegance to our space.  It has high back hence ideal for taller people.  The comfort this recliner offers makes reading a book easy, and it makes a statement of luxury in our homes.  The seat is unique with a width of 20.5 inches and a depth of 21.5 inches.  The chair is suitable for an office, and we can still put it at home especially in the master bedroom.  It comes in two classic colors i.e. light beige and brown.  It attracts a price of $269.99, and we are sure of getting value for our money.


  • Elegant for a living space that is modern
  • The seat has quality cushions for more comfort
  • Ideal for tall people
  • There are two colors to choose from


  • Its fabric cannot be cleaned easily compared to leather and microfiber
  • It’s not good if we want to seat for an extended period because it lacks enough plush
  • It is not assembled when we are buying

The chairs above are affordable and we can get numerous health benefits from them.