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Tips To Sell Your Car for Top Dollar

Selling your used prestige car isn’t all about getting a buyer and signing the selling contract. It involves several steps that you need to follow to make sure the process runs smoothly, and the car falls into the hands of a suitable owner. You should also make sure you sell the car for top dollar while making sure the buyer doesn’t feel as if you have fleeced him. Today we look at some of the tips on how best to sell your used car.

Determine the Current Market price

Just because a colleague or a family member sold his car a few months back at a particular price doesn’t mean that you also get the same price for your car. Market prices fluctuate time and again, and it is prudent that you know what your car is worth at any particular time. There are many ways to determine the price, but the easiest one is to work with your repair shop to get an idea of what to ask. PMW LTD buys and sells cars and can perform an appraisal for you to determine the value. Secondly, you can go online and find out how much similar cars are going at.

You can also check out newspaper ads to see how much sellers are asking for similar used cars. Use these ads to know how the sellers describe their vehicles regarding the condition, mileage, and age. These are the major factors that determine the selling price of the used car.

Make The Car Appealing

The potential buyer is investing a substantial amount of money buying your used car, which is just vital that you make it worth their while. Before you sell the car, make sure you have it cleaned and get it in a condition that will assure the buyer that he is getting a good deal.

Take the car to a mechanic for inspection. The mechanic checks for thinning paint, dents and other issues that have to be rectified before the sell. Although you can still get a buyer when the car is in the “As is” condition, you won’t be able to get top dollar from the deal. Repairing the car and making sure it is in top condition increases the marketability of your vehicle.

Have a History Report Ready

The potential buyer will most definitely ask for a history report to get the assurance that the car has been well handled. The history report details any accidents and major incidents that have happened over the life of the car. It is in this report that you divulge information on the ownership status of the car, that is if you are the first or second owner.

The buyer might request to have his mechanic inspect the car before agreeing to your terms. When this happens, don’t deny them a chance because all he is trying to do is get an assurance that he is making the right investment.


Now that the car is ready to get a new owner, you need to advertise it. Come up with an advert that you can put in local dailies or online to spread the word that your vehicle is up for sale. Make sure to include all the details that will aid the buyer to make a decision. When coming up with the ad, don’t forget to put your contacts and the place where the car is situated. You also need to include the time for viewing. Hint: You can ask your car dealer to help you come up with the best advert.

Meet With Potential Buyers

Once your advertisement goes live, sit back and wait for offers from potential customers. Make sure you don’t miss a call, of if you do, call them back immediately. The customers will want to check the car and take it for a test drive. This is when they will start negotiating. Listen to several offers before making the final decision.

Once you get the right buyer, agree on the payment terms. After payment, follow the proper procedure to transfer ownership to the new owner.

The Bottomline

Selling your used car isn’t hard if you have the right information regarding the marketplace and if you follow these tips. It is also much easier when you have an auto expert guiding you. If you are busy, you can leave the whole process in the hands of a reputable dealer.