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Ways to Keep a Chop Saw Running Smoothly

Chop saws are really handy power tools to have in a workshop. As with any power tool, steel shop saws are made to cut back on the effort and time it’ll take to cut steel stock or cut wood, so you may complete your projects rapidly and commit the time saved to other vital tasks.

But, a chop saw only will work as well as you keep it maintained. In other words, the user must keep it in top condition at all times. Power tools like the chop saw or miter are not cheap, and you only are going to wind up wasting money if you do not take care of it. Check out this site to see the best saw blades for every type of job.

What should you do to keep a chop saw up and running all the time? Below are 3 basic tips which are going to help you.

Keep the chop saw free of debris and clean

Step one in proper ownership of chop saws are to keep them free of debris as soon as you are done using them. The sawdust and tiny pieces of wood that are left behind by the wood stock worked on may contribute to the rusting of a blade and additional metal saw parts. They also can get caught inside the tiny crevices between the components of the saw and prevent the saw from smoothly functioning the next time it’s in use. To eliminate the sawdust and additional debris stuck in the saw, blow them off with a blower or compressed air. You also can suck the debris and dust out using a vacuum cleaner.

You also would want to give the saw a more complete cleaning on a routine basis. Wipe dust off the saw with a dry and clean dust rag. Clean its blade using a specialty blade brush or it is possible to use a plain wire brush that has soft bristles as well as bathroom detergent, paying attention to its teeth. Be certain to wipe the blade dry after you have cleaned it to keep it from rusting. Keep in mind to also pay close attention to the table and fences of the saw. They require some cleaning, as well. The best method of cleaning those parts is by buffing them using a clean scrubbing pad. If you truly want them to gleam, it is possible to be more aggressive in the buffing by utilizing cleaning oil and perhaps an electric polisher. The saw will appear new and shiny after you are done.

Keep the chop saw lubricated

Apart from keeping the saw clean, you also should keep its gears which make it operate well lubricated. If you keep the saw oiled, it’ll operate smoothly and you’ll get to work on your tasks efficiently and quickly. The oil also will eliminate whatever debris and dust you overlooked and became stuck inside the gears.

Check the components of the chop saw for damage

Every power tool is vulnerable to wear and tear. It does not matter whether it is expensive or cheap, seldom used or seeing a ton of action or even as it is correctly cared for. You are using your tool and it’ll still get exposed to dust and air, so the exposure and usage are bound to take a toll on your machine.

That makes it important to regularly check the saw for damage. Every couple of weeks, make it a point to glance over the saw and check it for cracks, chipping, and other types of breakage. Do not forget to have a look at the saw’s kerf board, brushes and power cord. If you notice any portion that has some cracking, chipping, or any type of damage, fix them if they still are small. Do not hesitate to replace those parts if they have incurred any severe damage.

It is important to pay close attention to the wear and tear of the saw. As aforementioned, the saw is not a cheap tool. In regularly checking the saw, you are merely protecting your investment.

One other main reason to pay attention to the shape of the chop saw includes preventing injuries and accidents from occurring while you are using it. If the saw isn’t in top condition and you ignore it, you are boosting the risk of injury in your workshop. Your saw might malfunction, and you might seriously injure yourself.

Other chop saw maintenance tips

Apart from the 3 aforementioned tips, you ought to try to get the saw occasionally tuned up. It’ll ensure that its bevel scales and miter are correctly callibrated and all other parts are properly working. Finally, always keep your owner’s manual which came with the chop saw handy. Stick with the uses the saw was designed for.