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Why Your Need a Website

As a member of the information age, you’re well aware that everything is moving online. The majority of consumers agree that shopping and viewing products online are preferable. The convenience of being able to browse from the comfort of home is almost unbeatable.

Even if an individual caters to consumers outside of retail, online is still the place to be. Companies like Netflix and Uber have used the internet to market and contact clients that otherwise would have to deal with conventional means.

For the average person, the internet means saving time. For you, this means the internet is important. Regardless of what industry you’re in whether it be retail, information or blogging, the potential to garner attention is always greater online. So, you need a website.

Why you need a website

Let’s pretend you’re absolutely ignorant of the benefits of an online presence. This version of you believes in meeting people exclusively in brick and mortar establishments or handing out flyers. Maybe they’re forward-thinking and into social media, but just not convinced a website is necessary.

This version of yourself is right to take interest in social media, but drastically underestimating the value of a website. The first question to ask this person is “what are you using social media to advertise and where will your traffic go”. Without a website to direct visitors to all marketing on social media leads nowhere.

A good personality and expert salesmanship are great when you have people’s physical attention but this should be remembered – people don’t like to feel like they’re being sold to. This makes hard sells and handing flyers difficult.

Advertising your website on your social media enables you to direct the attention of however many people you attract to somewhere of your choosing. This is powerful. If you have a website there is a space that you have complete control over. Be it an e-commerce shop or a blog, the visitors experience what you want them to.

What makes a good website

Since the theoretical you is finally on board, you should tell them what makes a website worth staying at. Simply getting attention isn’t enough. The goal should be to keep that attention. This is done in a multitude of ways depending on your site’s niche and purpose.

The first and easiest way to keep people on your site is by making sure that it’s visually appealing. There are multiple platforms that host sites, but if you’ve chosen Weebly the guys are WebFire Themes make beautiful web templates. As long as the look isn’t offputting to visitors you have your bases covered.

With the look of your website down information is most important. This goes without saying for bloggers, but it helps to have made yourself an authority in your niche. Your goal should be to post articles that add to the conversation of whatever it is you do.

Even if you see educational material it’s important to be altruistic in the information you give out. If people feel your site has inherent value they’ll keep returning. This gives you the opportunity to link back to your other works, products etc.

This simply can’t be stated enough. DO NOT HARD SELL. Just don’t do it. The easiest way to ruin the vibe you’ll build is to constantly demand your visitors buy. They’ve likely made up their minds to make a purchase or not before they even opened their browser.

You control your site and it’s 24/7

Thee single greatest perk of owning a web space is that it’s never closed. It takes no breaks and besides the fees required to keep it online and maintained there is no cost. This, coupled with complete control over the look and content makes a website a source of boundless potential in whatever direction you want to take it.

If you’re into sales, your shop is always open. If you simply want to educate, your site is always available as a source of information. What you do with your website and how it benefits yourself or others is entirely in your hands.