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7 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Wedding Simple

When couples intend to set up a wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is how to make it as grand as possible. For a change, how about thinking the other way around? Keeping your wedding simple does come with its benefits too, and here are a few reasons why you should do so.

#1: Quality Time

By focusing on the quality time you spend with your few most loved ones, you will likely have a more memorable time. Yes, it is ideal to celebrate one of the most important moments of your life with the people who truly matter to you. Most people would say that this is one of the best advantages of keeping your wedding simple.

#2: More Intimate and Less Formal

If you can’t handle formality, it helps to keep your wedding simple and small. You will likely be able to take in more of the events since you can relax and feel less tense. In other words, you will feel more at home with the guests. Who does not want a celebration with close friends and family members?

#3: Lower Costs

Another advantage of a simple wedding is that you will save money. Forget all about those fancy set-ups and just get what you need. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and you can have a more intimate wedding.

#4: Express Your Taste

With a simple wedding, you can express your taste much more than in a grand wedding. With fewer guests, you do not have to worry much about adjusting to the preferences of people you do not know. As such, you can opt for your favorite events and themes. For example, you can hire a wedding singer instead of a band. Try hiring if you are interested, as he is a talented wedding singer.

#5: More Options For Venues

Since you will not require a large space, you can choose from a wider variety of smaller wedding venues. As such, you also have more options such as art galleries, bed and breakfasts, museums, or restaurants. Perhaps you can find a suitable place that will give the ideal atmosphere for your wedding.

#6: Make Your Guests Feel at Home

It’s not only you who will feel more at ease with a simple wedding that has fewer guests. They too will have a much more casual experience since there is more familiarity with fellow guests. As such, they can enjoy their time interacting with each other much more than in a grand wedding.

#7: Involve the Guests in Events

Since it is less formal, guests are likely to freely join in the events that go on in the wedding. There is also little need to break the ice since there are fewer people and they are likely to be familiar with each other. And with that, it will make the event more memorable for all of you.


Grand weddings are overrated, and you do not have to join that bandwagon. Instead, you can keep your wedding simple and it does come with various benefits. Overall, you will be able to spend quality time with people who truly matter and make the event more memorable, with fewer costs at that.