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Instagram Marketing: So Much More Than Just Posting a Pretty Picture

At the moment, Instagram, the image and lately, video-sharing platform is the biggest media outlet. In just a short span of 2 years, the user base has grown to over 800 million users, 500 of whom visit the site at least once each day.

Statistics show that this is the site that receives the highest level of engagement among all the social media sites. This means that users on Instagram are more likely to share content, repost it, comment on posts, like, follow you and perform other tasks as compared to Facebook and Twitter.

Fact: Most Businesses Don’t Take Instagram Marketing Seriously

Even though most brands are already on Instagram, their efforts on this platform are most likely as an afterthought rather than a marketing strategy that has been carefully crafted. A look at most businesses on this site shows you massive misuse of the site – low quality images that aren’t relevant to the business at all!

Certainly, you cannot blame business owners for this. Most of them are busy people, trying to balance between the stress of running a business and their families.  While most of the marketing experts scream all day about the importance of Instagram, these business people are wondering what the hullabaloo is all about.

What Instagram Offers, and Doesn’t Offer

Instagram grants you the power to communicate various aspects of your business in form of images. Traditionally, the World Wide Web was typically a text project, with chunks and chunks of text spread all over the network. Several years ago, it was found that the chunks of text became a pain for readers, and this is where images came in. Users are more likely to click on an image that read a chunk of text.

Instagram lets you post images of your business for the whole world to see. You can include comments from your customers, something that can encourage other customers to buy your products or order your services. What the platform is not, however, is the selling machine that most people think it is.

If used correctly, Instagram can be a major part of your sale funnel. How does it come in, you may ask? Just like any other network, this platform is a way to build networks and relationships.

The Growth of Your Audience Matters a Lot

Make sure that you have enough followers to share your content with people that are interested in what you offer. Instead of spending hours upon hours trying to spread your marketing message on Instagram, you can use CoinCrack, which is extensively reviewed in this article.

Once you have the message out, you need to control the users that follow you. Make sure you have an active audience that is interested in what you offer.


To sum up, Instagram might seem like a simple tool to many businesses, a fact that is far from the truth. As a business owner, you need to identify the potential of the platform and put in efforts to leverage it in your business.