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Crucial Pages That Every Website Should Have

What pages should your website have? This is a very big question that many small businesses and entrepreneurs ask when looking for a website for your business. Today we look at the pages that are vital to your business website.

However, every business has a unique page mix that they need. Your customers, however, expect you to provide a set of pages that give them the information they need. Here are a few.

The Homepage

This is the page the visitor sees first when they come to your site, unless if they head to a specific page of the site. It should tell the visitor who you are and what the business is all about.

The content you come up with for your home page should be appealing, and useful. It should grab the attention of the visitor within minutes.

It should be well-designed, look professional and above all, load fast.

About Us Page

The people that visit your business page are looking to find out the faces of the company. This page is one of the most visited pages for any website. It needs to give the visitor a summary of who you are a history of the company and what makes it different from other companies.

Make sure to include a summary of the business, the people it employs (with pictures and biographies), any special recognition and how you differ from other businesses that offer the same items.

Services Page

If you offer services, then you need to give the details of these services that you offer. Start the page with a summary of those services that you over, then go ahead to give details about these services.

Consider dividing the services into various sections, and add links to a detail page that talks about each service. Make sure the detail page also includes images about the service.

You can include a short description of the benefits of the services you provide.

Products Page

If you offer products instead of services, you need to offer the details of the products. Have a summary of these products before you can go ahead and list them. If you sell multiple products, you need to go ahead and list them into categories and adding a link to the product pages.

Make sure to include a short description of the product as well as the prices. You can also link to similar products and outline the benefits of each product.

FAQ Page

This is the page that answers most of the questions that your visitors might ask. This page tells everyone what they need to know regarding what you offer. This saves time answering the same questions over and over again each day. The answers should convince the visitors to make a decision regarding what they need to buy and how much to pay.

These questions should remove any doubts that the buyer has when they come to check out the product you are offering. These questions need to make the buyers feel secure enough to make the purchase.

Reviews Page

This is the chance to show off any reviews left by previous customers. If possible, make sure you include images of the customer and a phone number where the customer can be contacted.

Having a reviews page gives you the level of authenticity for your business. Remember that any person can write a review, but it is just the ones with the photos that can be seen to be credible.

The Contact Page

You need to give your customers a way to get in touch with you. On this page, you need to offer a phone number, physical mailing address and an email address at the footer through all the pages, where possible.

Make sure you also include the mailing address, social media accounts, email address, and phone number.

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In Closing

Having these pages on your website makes it easy for you to buy and sell products as well as communicate with your buyers the right way.