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5 Rules for Proper Twitter Automation

Twitter automation has been around for ages, and it is time that we looked at the various rules that you need to follow so that you achieve the best results from the automation. Remember that if you don’t follow the rules you stand to lose your account or have limited activity.

What is Twitter Automation?

Twitter automation refers to the act of automating the various manual tasks that you perform on Twitter such as liking or following. The practice uses tools that have been designed for the specific task. These tools work in line with how the normal tasks on twitter work, meaning that if you use them the right way, you enjoy the benefits that come with automation – save on time and manage your account the right way. Income Artist has blogged about Twitter automation here; check out his posts to know more about this practice.

Rule #1: Understand Why You Need Automation in the First place

You need to understand the reasons why you need twitter automation in the first place. This means you should evaluate your twitter account and pinpoint an area that needs automation. You also need to understand what the automation is supposed to give you. For instance, automation can help you if you are busy and you don’t have time to post each day.

Note down the reasons why you think automation is necessary. These reasons are the ones that will dictate the type of tool you choose to automate your tasks on Twitter.

Rule #2: Understand the Features You are looking for in a Bot

You also need to understand the kind of features you are looking for in the right bot for Twitter automation. Twitter automation is all about putting a few tasks on auto. With so many bots on the market, you need to understand what you are looking for in terms of features so that you choose the best bot. Some bots are installable programs while others use web-based dashboards. This is just one feature.

Rule #3: Know For How Long You Need the Bot

You cannot automate the actions forever, because you might end up running out of funds. What you need to do is to make sure you understand the period you wish to automate your tasks and get a bot for this period. Bots come in various packages, which mean that you can choose a package to run for a few days to months.

This gives you a contract that is short term, one that you can cancel at any time. The normal period also determines the amount of money you put into the bot.

Rule #4: Try Before You Buy

Before you enter into any long-term contract with the provider, make sure you try out the bot before you pay for it. Trying out the bot is all about using the demo version of the tool so that you understand how it works. The bot might come with perfect features, but it might not work as you expected. The trial period will show you what you should expect, and determines whether you pay for the bot or you opt for another one.

Rule #5: Never Get Excited

Allow the bot to make your tasks easier without having to push it too much. Using the bot also needs you to reign in your horses – don’t overdo it because you might end up losing your account.

Final Words

When it comes to automating your Twitter tasks, make sure you have the perfect tool to do the task. You also need to know various aspects such as how long you need the bot so that you understand how much to spend on the tool.