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5 Ways to Grow an Organic Instagram Presence

If you do something you need to do it the proper way, and the best way to do things is by doing it yourself. However, if you lack the time to do it yourself you can consider outsourcing it to a reliable partner. Now, that’s easier said than done as finding such partner can be rather time-consuming.

So instead of you spending your time on an outsourcing partner I did the work for you and found an excellent growth service for Instagram, but only use this if you really don’t have the time for it yourself as you can never be too sure what those services are doing behind the curtain.

That having been said, let’s look at a number of ways to grow your presence on Instagram:

Utilize your other social media channels

The easiest way is by using cross-promotion, what you share on Twitter you can also share on Instagram and that same story can be shared on Facebook, this way you catch three flies in one step as it only takes a minute to post it on your other social channels so use this as this is probably the most effective way to grow your online presence.

Something you didn’t know about emojis

Instagram allows its users┬áto search based on emojis. Does that come as a surprise to you? It sure was for me as I never realized this till I found it at some random blog I ran into. If I don’t know then most people don’t so utilize this under-used method to get yourself in the spotlight.

Care about how you brand things

Instagram offers a lot of themes to choose from so pick one and stick to it. If you’re not a first-class photo editor you can curate other peoples pictures/images to maintain the same color balance. This way people recognize you in a blink and are more likely to engage with you as you jump out of the crowd. Definitely one of the easiest ways to get seen over and over again.

Obviously, use hashtags whenever you can

Although hashtags are overly used by most people, unlike emojis, they still carry a lot of weight and with millions of people active on Instagram every minute of the day you want to get most of your traffic from their search engine. Hashtags are still the easiest way to accomplish that. Just don’t overdo it by adding 50 hashtags per post as it can get rather annoying. Also, make sure you vary it up by using synonyms.

Post content that you know gets shared

The most shareable content involves giveaways, sweepstakes, contests, you are getting the point! When something can be had for free everyone is immediately on top of it. Do try to keep the costs in check as once you share they expect you to share again in the future and if not you probably lose your followers again so this is a strategy that needs to be maintained.

That’s it, 5 practical ways to grow your account the natural way without triggering any alarm bells so have at it!