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These Type of Graphics Work Best on Social Media

When you are active on Pinterest or Instagram there are some things you want to avoid posting so let me list them real quick:

  • Stock photos are a huge no-go area, it will kill your reputation instantly.
  • Nudity, there’s nothing wrong with slightly sexy photos but complete nudity is out of the question.
  • Violent photography, people are hanging out for fun at Instagram, not to be offended with violent stuff.
  • Daily selfies, unless you’re a celebrity people get sick of it real quick, so simply don’t.
  • Lengthy captions, people have short attention spans so don’t write a novel in your caption, please.

Now that you know what not to post let’s look at what you should post instead, especially if you’re good with graphics the options are truly unlimited so use your skills to amaze people and land more jobs by doing so.

1 Brand your design

You want people to recognize you on Instagram over and over, it’s been said that people need to see you at least eight times before they consider working with you or buying something from you so branding your photos is an absolute must-do.

2 Custom moving GIFs

You are a designer, right? Then sure you know how to put together some stunning gifs, cinemagraphs are even better as very few people are using it, heck my auto-corrector doesn’t even recognize the word, imagine that. If there is one thing to beat the crowd cinemagraphs are it!

3 Templates for social media

I understand you have work to do so you might want to make some templates in advance that include your own unique branding so that you won’t spend an hour perfecting each graphic or photo that you post. Regular posting is important so do some work in advance and save yourself some time.

4 Let the text jump out

Just a photo is boring, a caption is too small too read for most people, well it’s not but people are in a hurry so use large fonts so they get the message right away. If you want to take the extra yard you can even add an icon to it with your logo embedded, just be creative and you’ll get there.

5 Charts & infographics

Yes, they do take a little more time to produce so don’t use this if you have few followers, speaking of few followers, at Pixel Bin they are reviewing some of the best Instagram bots so check that out first, otherwise you will spend all your time posting for nothing.

6 Apply your skills for real

If you are a designer you have to let your work speak for you, a chart or an infographic is something that everyone can produce with the right tools but by producing some real illustration out of your own hand you will get noticed in a blink of a second. Do take your time to brainstorm some ideas before you start making something, perhaps something related to the current news so that it has the chance to go viral.

Well, we’ve already reached the end of this post and I sincerely hope I gave you some great ideas to spice up your Instagram or Pinterest account, if you have any other ground-breaking ideas I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, or perhaps you can connect with me at Instagram @slothworld it is, hope to hear from you soon!