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Tips to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

Everyone seems to be on Instagram these days – and it’s not hard to figure out why. The platform is super fun to use, not to mention that you can always keep up with your favorite brands, celebrities and so on. Of course, like everybody else, you’d like to shine on Instagram, right? You can – but you need to do more than posting your cute selfies. These hacks will come in handy if you want to become famous on Instagram.

Automate Tasks

You don’t have to log into your account every five minutes to like other people’s posts or leave a comment. You don’t even have to spend 30 minutes uploading your next post. You can put everything on autopilot. The best Instagram bot allows you to maintain constant engagement without being active on your account. It enables you to schedule posts too. That way, you can feed your audience with content on a regular basis. Most importantly, it allows you to explore other marketing options.

Be Different

Don’t be mediocre. Instead, use a well-thought-out, creative and consistent approach to set yourself apart from the rest. Pay attention to crucial details. Focus on creating a stellar profile that will entice your followers to click on your bio. Make sure that your images look fresh. Also, spend some time on your account interacting with your audience to create a loyal community. In short, have a solid roadmap of how to achieve your branding goals on integral.

Explore Various Instagram Video Formats

An Instagram video will create more impressions than a regular post. So be sure to mix Instagram Stories with ads and standalone one-minute videos to boost engagement. You can, for instance, use Instagram Stories to divulge snippets of your new service or product. Or, you can opt for a pre-recorded at offer behind the scenes stories that will improve the way you interact with your followers.

Use Closed Captions and Video Subtitles

Videos are increasingly becoming popular on the internet. Still, not everyone wants to turn on the sound when watching a video. So, make sure that you add subtitles to your videos. Research shows that captioned videos attract 12% more views. On top of that, including subtitles boosts the success of your videos by 82% compared to zero captions.

Try Out GIFs

Statistics show that people tend to watch videos that are 15 seconds or less to the end. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to master how to use GIFs.  GIFs are more appealing than photos and get more shares in comparison to JPEG or PNG formats. Plus, they’re more affordable and time effective than recording videos.

Use SEO to Expose Your Brand

Yes, crafting an SEO roadmap for your brand on Instagram can give you a competitive edge. The areas to look at here are your account name and handle. Your “@” name should give potential followers a hint or two about your business. In other words, if the name doesn’t match your line of business, you will struggle to make your content appear on the Explorer section.

Also, you should make sure that your account name that appears below your profile picture reflects your industry and account handle. That way, your account will pop up in your follower’s search section when they search for the specific words on your Instagram handle.

Final Thoughts

You can boost your engagement on Instagram if you perfect how you do things. Learn as much as you can. Test different strategies to find out what works for your brand. And, don’t forget to keep growing your follower’s base to ensure that your content reaches as many people as possible.