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Best Stud Finders

A stud finder is a small device that is being utilized by builders and homeowners to locate the spot where the beam is behind the wall. The device should be able to detect live wires wooden and metal support beams that are installed within ceilings, concrete or gypsum walls.

This article will discuss on how to get the best stud finders. But first, how does it work

  1. Magnetic: Some stud locators make use of magnets to locate the nails or screws in the studs. This does not locate the stud in itself, but will rather detect the hard materials that are attached to the stud in the wall.
  2. Electronic:Thistype of stud finders work on the mechanism of sensors detecting dielectric constant changes in the wall, which will change when the sensor is being moved over a stud.

How To Use Stud Finder

The manufacturer most times specifies how a stud finder is being used, but there is a general procedure that most stud finders follow:

  1. Switch on the device and pick a scanning mode
  2. The device is then placed flat on the wall. The button is then pressed and held down till the calibration is completed. After then, the unit will give a beep and the display bar will be erased
  3. With the hand pressed on the button, the device is then moved along the surface to scan.
  4. The stud finder, upon locating an object, will then beep in a continuous manner.

List of the Best Stud Finders

  1. Franklin Sensor

This stud locator is different from the others in that it is more accurate and can detect studs located in a broader part of the wall. It is also large, which makes it possible for you to detect the exact point the stud is located and it can even detect many studs at a time.

  1. CH Hanson 03040

This is a magnetic stud finder and it simply reminds us of the old days. It is however simple to use and still one of the cheapest that you can find around. It doesn’t make use of battery and so the accuracy can be trusted

CH Hanson uses earth magnets to detect metal studs and nails.

  1. Zircon Metalli Scanner m40

This device is able to detect metals that are 4” deep into the wall and non-metallic objects 2” deep. It is quite affordable and can be used by HVAC pros and plumbers to detect pipes and duct works set behind walls.

  1. Tacklife DMS04

This has the ability to detect woods, AC wire and metals installed deep inside the wall. The device can be held at any point, thanks to the ergonomic grip design.

It has an LCD display which flashes and gives indications when a stud is located.